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Mild Brain Injury

/ Concussion

Concussion happens. It can be simple, it can be complex. Symptoms can be short in duration, symptoms can linger. Most states have laws to support students and/or student athletes in recovery. What many, many doctors, athletic trainers, and educational support teams have not mastered is the Return to Learn process after a concussion.


Returning to school can be tricky, as we want the brain to heal, not be further stressed! Balancing brain rest and recovery while managing educational requirements (homework, assessments, participation grades) can be stressful and can become a full time job!  Are informal supports enough? Is a 504 Plan needed? What about specialized instruction?

Contact our team, and let us guide you in educational case management and advocate for your child's educational needs throughout the return to school process. We offer a free 15 minute phone consultation prior to booking any type of services.


Let us help you get your child back to learning and participating by taking the advocacy and overall case management off of your plate! 

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